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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Foreign workers create more jobs???

Read this...

Foreign workers help to create jobs for Singaporeans
By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 02 May 2008 2005 hrs

I am really confused. Very very confused. I might be showing my stupidity, but still i must ask this question out...

But how can foreign workers help create jobs for Singaporeans?

Case example:

"About 15 percent of Makino Asia's 470 employees are foreign workers. Over the years, 30 percent of them have become permanent residents or Singapore citizens."

That is telling me directly that foreign workers in Singapore can increase the net population or the overall citizens in Singapore, but then, how can they help create jobs for Singapore??

Another one...

" "This group of people should not be fearful about losing low-end jobs to foreign workers. They should take the opportunity to acquire more skills and enhance their revenue and livelihood," he said. "

This is telling me that because of the foreign workers in Singapore taking up all the low end job, Singapores should go for upgrading and get BETTER jobs, not create more jobs...

One more....

"Dr Moh Chong Tau, CEO of Makino Asia, said: "I do not agree. In fact, we should be thankful to them for creating more jobs for us... For jobs that are not taken up by Singaporeans, we get foreigners to occupy those vacancies in order to create more jobs." "

He did not explain the how. He just say "thankful to them for creating more jobs for us..." How?? In what way?? I don't see the link. And " we get the foreigners to occupy those vacancies in order to create more job" part bluffs me as well.. HOW??? IN WHAT WAY??

It's been the trend to for companies to CUT JOBS TO SAVE COST, especially at the middle management level, ain't it?

No, i got nothing against foreign workers in Singapore, but the "Title" of the news report puzzles me...

I mean, my simple mathmatics, which i am sure all the kids out there are better than me, can calculate that if there are 1000 jobs avaliable on the market, and 200 goes to the foreign workers, there's only 800 left for Singaporeans, right?

And the report is suggesting that 1000 jobs avaliable, 200 goes to foreign, results in 1100 jobs avaliable for Singaporeans... Some how, it does not work out. Law of Mathmatics.

It's simple right?

So, how does foreign workers help create jobs for Singaporeans? Set up supermarkets in their dormitories? More staff in MOM to process their work permits?

Can anyone care to explain to me how actually does the foreign workers help create jobs for Singapore?

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