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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Horning inside hospital compound

Some Singapore drivers... Still need a lot to learn, even when had years and years of driving experience...

Went over to SGH (Singapore General Hospital) in the evening to visit a friend's mother, when on 3 seperate occasions, the baring of horns from vehicles on the road beside the building (inside the hospital area) jolted me up.

I still remember clearly that when i was reading the Basic Theory Handbook when i was learning driving, it was stated clearly that horning is not allowed in the hospital premises, so as not to disturb patients' resting.

But it was proven wrong. There are still some idiots who still blast their horns, just because some poor drivers in front are waiting for a chance to turn into a carpark.

And one of the incident involved quite a prolonged blasting of horn, by an well-dressed middle age male driving a BMW. And the horn is not stock horn... It's a modified horn...

Come on... be considerate... Patients are trying to rest, and to recover from their pain or whatever illness or injuries they had gotten, and here you are, blasting your bloody horn just because the traffic in front of you are delaying you for 30 seconds?

Well, drivers out there, when you read this, please do spare a though for others, and please do not horn in the hospital compound.

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