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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot/Cold pack got recalled

CAUTION!!!! For those who have the following hot/cold packs and like to chew on all sort of things!!!

Companies recall hot/cold packs found to contain toxic substance
By Margaret Perry, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 20 October 2008 2209 hrs

SINGAPORE: Ten types of hot/cold packs sold in Singapore have been voluntarily recalled by their companies as the packs contain a toxic substance.

Laboratory tests revealed these packs contain the anti-freeze ingredient ethylene glycol, instead of the non-toxic substance propylene glycol.

The 10 affected packs are marketed under three brands - SURGIPACK, Soft R&R and OSIM

Take not pls... If you are not using it, please do not let your kids, or your dog even matter to chew on it... Okie??

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