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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finanical Crisis

The finanical crisis had hit me... Hard...

Smack straight in my face, my body, went through the heart, where it twisted to cause more damage.

Irrepairable damage.

Shit... All those hard earned savings are leaving me... Going to leave me forever... I can never get them back. My dreams?? *poof... they are gone.

I am a poor broke bloke...

Stupid letter i had recived that had almost cause me to have a heart attack. Cannot believe the figures in the letter... Now have to look for alternatives liao... Cannot always go to delifrance to have my bread.. Now, i need to go to the bakery downstairs to have my bread.

Haiz~~ what finanical crisis... I wondering where all the money went to, since everyone is losing money...

Damm... i can never under the finanical market.

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