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Monday, October 13, 2008

F1 race in Japan

Hmmm.. what has the Singtel Formula 1 Singapore Night Race done to me??

I am a F1 fan, but ever since the F1 came to Singapore, been take notice of the news related to the race... I begin to know who's who. Which team is which.

And it's coz of F1 that let me got to know who's the clown... Which team's most entertaining...

And right now, after the race in Japan, after Singapore's night race, Alonso wins again!!! Cheers to the Renault Team!! But the sad thing is that Hamilton did not pick up a point from another incident packed race...

Motor Racing: Stunned Alonso wins, Hamilton pointless in Japan
Posted: 12 October 2008 1417 hrs

But it's because of some incidents that led me to respect Hamilton.

"Championship leader Hamilton failed to score a point for McLaren after a poor start from pole position and some impetuous moves which cost him dearly.

These saw him overrun the first corner and go off the track together with Raikkonen, who outpaced him off the grid at the start, and later hit by Massa's Ferrari as he attempted to pass him.

Hamilton was given a drive-through penalty for his part in the first corner melee and Massa was given the same punishment for ramming Hamilton into a spin in the second incident.

Hamilton eventually finished 12th.

"I didn't hit anything, but he did," said Hamilton of the incidents. "But that's the way it goes." "

Wow... you failed, you admit. Accept the punishments and learn from it...

You don't go around blaming everything else except the obvious mistake and calling everything else names. Unlike the clown.

Lewis Hamilton, you have my salute!!! You have 2 more races to go, and i will give you my fullest moral support!! Go for it!!

The clown, you have my ass.

I am now waiting for the clown to see what names he's going to give for the Japan circuit and for the disaster race by his team.

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