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Monday, October 06, 2008

Another weekend passed

Small talk:
There's a new post in
It's about the OTC POC 2008 photos. Do go there and have a look!!

Another tiring weekend... Not as tiring as the F1 weekend, though...

Sat. Finally can sleep late late... Woke up by a number of phone calls... Lazing around at home, doing some work, bua tahaning, till i gave a call to GL, and went to HQ early.

Evening. OTC POC 2008... Finally the OTC Trainees becoming officers.

The zone 3 family... Congrads to all the OTCs who have went through the long long course and now becoming officers.

And i did put them in a spot when i greeted them "Sirs and Madams".


It's fun...

Sunday early morning... NS HOME TEAM REAL RUN, Trial run. As what DC or R puts it, it's the fake real run...

Nothing much.. Only one incident, where someone on the bicycle did an E brake, front wheelie, and crash.

Nothing much.. slept the whole of sunday...

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