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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know there's so much things to write about recently in Singapore... The food poisoning cases from the indian rojak stall at geylang, that cause 2 deaths and a miscarriage, the other food poisoning case at the steamboat restaurant at Geylang (hmmm.... geylang again... it seems that geylang ain't that "clean").

Another incident of an accident involving a tour bus and a public bus, that results in 32 casualties... In fact, including that news, there are a total of 3 RTA involving buses, the other 2 being i pass by. The last one was this morning, when i was on my way to work.

Other ppl might be writing heaven and hell about these hot "topics", and i am going to be different. I heard too many rumors, gossips, "facts" all those bullshit that can make me sleep in a moment, that i ain't going to post it here.

So, something else... i am going to post some photos which i had taken for the past few weeks.


yep... hope will blog more!!

Stay tuned!!

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