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Monday, March 23, 2009

Thumb tacks on road

Some jealous freak had tried to sabotage one of the most challenging competitive sports... The IRONMAN TRIATHLON.

Metal tacks scattered on road to sabotage Aviva Ironman triathlon
Posted: 22 March 2009 2128 hrs

SINGAPORE: A sabotage attempt marred the Aviva Ironman Singapore triathlon on Sunday.

While the cycling leg of the race was going on, some metal tacks were scattered on the road near the Keppel Flyover.

One witness told Channel NewsAsia about 30 to 40 participants had their bike tyres punctured by the tacks and had to drop out of the triathlon as a result.

In response to media queries, event organiser Hi-Tri said it cleared up the metal tacks immediately after being told of the incident.

It said few competitors were affected as the incident occurred near the end of the bike race.

Race director Graeme Hannan said it was a deliberate sabotage attempt and it was a shame that such mischief-makers have marred an otherwise great race.

Will they be termed as "terrorist" in the sports world??

All i know is that those mischief makers prob got their inspiration from this...

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