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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Merlion struck by lighting

Chinese have this saying...

"You don't respect, scold or beat your parents, you will get strike by lighting."

I am wondering what had happened between the merlion and his/her parent? Wait... do you know the merlion's parent?? you don't??

Think.. Any other place in Singapore that has a bigger statue of Merlion than the one at the Merlion park? The one that can stare at you, beam at you with green lasers?

Yes.. the HUGE Merlion at Sentosa...

Dunno what i am talking about??

Read this...

Merlion statue at Singapore River struck by lightning; suffers slight damage
By Claire Huang, 938LIVE Posted: 28 February 2009 2219 hrs

SINGAPORE: In a rare incident, Singapore's longstanding icon, the original Merlion statue at the mouth of the Singapore River has been struck by lightning.

One witness told MediaCorp Radio's 938LIVE that orange sparks flew when lightning struck between 4 and 5pm at Merlion Park.

Staff in the vicinity said they heard an explosion followed by a loud thud when broken pieces fell to the ground.

About 30 people dashed into a nearby restaurant for safety.

Other onlookers continued to take photos of the 36-year-old tourism icon.
- 938LIVE/vm


That is the hotspot for tourist, and local people!! And people could be easily be injuried... Thank god, there's no news of injury.

So, since this incident, this has given us some answers about some queries.

1) We now know that Merlion is a conductor of electricity.

2) We now know why Merlion keeps on vomitting.

3) We now know why Merlion is so pale.

4) We now know why Merlion is so popular...

So, here's what might had happened to the Merlion at that time, if you got the angles correct...

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